• Martin 'Iceman' Wheeler


A heartfelt “Thank you,” goes to the King County Health Department and the other 38 County Health Departments. They have stayed focused on the hand washing stations and the inspections of all the areas for which they are responsible, and are keeping everything running smoothly and safely to the best of their abilities.

The strategy to address this particular strain of the human Coronavirus, as listed on Pinesol and Lysol, was worked out over the last 15 years by the Washington State Health Board and county Health Boards, which included Martin L. “Iceman” Wheeler, is working. The tactics are being implemented. The biggest problem is not having the needed funding. Governor Inslee had a chance to fund the Department of Health to over twice that it is now funded. In 2009 the Legislature proposed funding the department at $50 million, but Inslee cut it to $12 million. Do not panic! This is not the end of the story.

No one is more committed to your State of Washington and it’s citizens than Martin L.“Iceman” Wheeler.

Stay calm and stay focused. I am!

"Never Give Up!"

Martin L.. “Iceman” Wheeler

Your next Governor of the State of Washington

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