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One day life was normal and comfortable. You did the normal things…worked at your job, prepared meals, did laundry, shopped, planted the garden, washed the rototiller and truck, fed the animals, threw Frisbees for the children, as well as talked and laughed at meal time.

One day later an economic earthquake hit. Everything changed. Unbelievable! The economic earthquake called Influenza A Human Coronavirus (as listed on Lysol and Pine Sol) Pandemic Storm, something completely beyond your control, came upon you, leaving in its wake, the horror of economic destruction to everyone’s check book in the State of Washington. The reality is still sinking in. At the highest level of the economic storm, is our loved ones that are gone forever. Your house, property and gardens are all at risk of being lost. So much is so suddenly ripped away, the anguish is beyond expression.

It is true, people care. Martin L. “Iceman’ Wheeler and Campaign Team, as well as First Responders have all the citizens and visitors of the State of Washington in their prayers and are willing to go above the call of duty. The Wheelerforgov2020.com campaign for the Gubernatorial Candidacy for the State of Washington is encouraging you to prepare a detailed financial plan for survival. Do not rely on something that has been consistently there for years. It is time to count pennies not nickels, dimes or dollars. Have a strategy and a plan to implement that strategy for survival in the State of Washington….RIGHT NOW! Do not wait one second longer. There are seven (7) months before the winter of 2020 begins. Work with neighbors, friends, and family. We will be in the winter season before we know it. We may not be able to rely on anyone but ourselves and God. Let us start preparing to take care of ourselves, because others may not be able to help us. Follow your training and instincts.

The Martin L. “Iceman” Wheeler Campaign and team is fully functioning, active, and in full campaign mode. We understand emergency preparation and the words “Never give up!”

Stay safe.

Martin L. “Iceman” Wheeler

Gubernatorial Candidate

Election: November 3, 2020

Birth Date: November 3, 1958

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