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Updated: Feb 22

I am Martin L. “Iceman” Wheeler. Many people are asking how I got the name.

My parents started the Olympia Farmers Market in 1965 in Capitol Park. I had stepped through their commitment, honesty and integrity, into their shoes and started many other Washington State farmers markets throughout the State of Washington. I have been president, and held all top offices of an almost 70 year old company called Oak Hills Vegetable Farms.com, which was started by my grandfather and father in 1952. Our major crop is Walla Walla Onions which is the state vegetable. Oak Hills Farms has developed rhubarb, produce, salad dressing condiments, culinary services, and agricultural medicinal research.

I started being a team member with farmers and crafters, promoting organic agricultural products, culinary services, the management team with the Statewide Section 8 Housing, Washington State Health Departments, and, Hawaiian Shave Ice which, I’ve done for almost 30 years. The adults and children, red or yellow, black or white, throughout the years started calling me “Iceman.” They are now bringing their children to the stand for their weekly treat. My father was known as the “Kandy Corn Man” throughout the Olympia Farmers Market, the Olympia area, and the whole State of Washington. The “Kandy Corn” was developed from sweet corn. It just seemed natural to take on the name “Iceman.”

When I retired from Central Pierce Fire and Rescue, Medic 1, previously known as Pierce County Fire District 7, in Pierce County, Washington State, I was a team member helping to negotiate nine (9) separate entities into one cohesive department. When I retired from Central Pierce, I became a federally licensed agent. It was decided to use the name “Iceman” as my call name, because it was already established.

I am running for Governor of the State of Washington because I see this state as being on a “tipping point.” We can continue, forward and fall into the abyss we are headed for, or begin to change direction and turn back to the ways that have worked for centuries, to improve our state government. I bring with me the skills, knowledge, honesty, abilities, commitment, integrity, and determination I displayed in the fire department to make these changes in the state government, which will benefit the citizens of this state.

I carry a Bonds Arm because carrying a police officer is too heavy. I also am not asking for your vote. I am asking that you not give up!

Martin L. "Iceman" Wheeler Gubernatorial Candidate

Election: November 3, 2020

Birth Date: November 3, 1958

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