• Martin 'Iceman' Wheeler


The lawlessness of our leaders must stop now!

If you are going to be a leader you had better be a reader. “Iceman” is a reader like you will not believe!

In 2003 FBI statistics show 68% of inmates did not have a GED*. Education is one of the keys to prison reform. When people know how to read and write they typically stay stable throughout their life by making proper choices. Yes, these people have made mistakes in their lives. We should help them to make changes in the choices they make, so the Washington State citizens do not have to support them for the rest of their lives. Rather supporting them to be good citizens, and contributing positively to our state and society. In 1991 57% of inmates or 402,000 completed GED’s while in prison, and in 1997 52% of inmates or 550,000 completed GED’S**. This is often the first step in unlocking prison doors, physically and mentally. There are other innovative programs that also lead to accomplishing this goal.

Our leaders must make the proper choices so as to be leaders, and not users of the people for personal power.

Martin L. “Iceman” Wheeler

Gubernatorial Candidate

Election: November 3, 2020

Birth Date: November 3, 1958

*FBI Prison Statics

** FBI Prison Statics

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