• Martin 'Iceman' Wheeler


Mr. Inslee has robbed the citizens of the State of Washington. It shows he has no

concern for any of us, RED, YELLOW, BLACK OR WHITE. Taxpayer dollars, which funds the Health Department, are to be used for any and all catastrophic events, and for continuing education. We are in the beginning of a world wide pandemic emergency, which has stricken heavily in the State of Washington, this area is also looking at a possible earthquake event that also can be catastrophic! Part of these taxpayer funds is to properly dispose of the bodies of those who succumb to such events. Without this step, none of us are safe! The last step is to examine the event and develop strategic planning for future events.

The depletion of Washington State Health Department Funds has put all of us in a parlous position. If the Health Department had not started enforcing the practice of hand washing twenty years ago, things would be much worse. Mr. Inslee had the opportunity to fund the Health Department when the legislature proposed funding it at $50 million several years ago. He did not use intelligent thinking when he cut the proposed funds to $12 million. He now expects the Federal Government to fund our public health needs and he is treating the President of the United States of America with disrespect.

If this not true, why is he screaming so hard to get federal taxpayer’s money? If we lose our hard working health workers, professional firemen, volunteer firemen, police officers and every other type of first responders, we are all facing more trama.

The entire Washington State budget is in need of being audited. A critical examination of all taxpayer monies must occur to enable strategic plans for the future of this state.


If you do not vote in 2020, you will be voting for evil. It will take a very special

person to reboot the State of Washington. Martin L. “Iceman” Wheeler has done

this job previously in a major fire department as a team member.

Who else running for governor has such a broad history of critical training to

handle emergencies, and understands the math?

Stay Safe. Never give up.

Martin L. “Iceman” Wheeler

Your next Governor of the State of Washington

Election: November 3, 2020

Birth Date: November 3, 1958

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