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There is no gratification in writing this letter to you. How many “bowls of stupid” did you eat before you endorsed Tim Eyman in a major news report? The Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) are forensic auditors and are for real. They send people to jail. They are not fake news. Just ask an United States Treasury Agent.

By doing this, you have stated you are supporting someone who:

  1. Has been indicted for possibly stealing up to $200,000.00 or more, as well as other items, ie. it was reported that Tim Eyman had stolen a chair from a business where I get much of my printing and supplies, and have for years for a company that I ran. I did my research and have confirmed this was not an accident when he was arrested by the Lacey Police Department and charged for the theft. I checked with the regional store manager and the local store manager.

  2. During a recent scheduled ORCA class that I attended at the Public Disclosure Commission in Olympia, Washington State, I was sitting beside his treasurer. She said, Open Quote “The Eyman campaign has been nothing but a mess“ Close Quote. The head of the Public Disclosure Commission was sitting beside me and heard the whole verbal interview.

  3. It was also orally disclosed to me in our campaign office, that 20 years ago, Eyman stole the Open Quote “$30.00 car tab” Close Quote campaign idea from our campaign’s current Western Washington Press Secretary. Check the Public Disclosure Commission records for her name. This was proven at an Ocean Shores meeting for Republicans this winter.

Phil, is this how you have been supporting your constituents of the Legislative District #31 all these years, or is this a new development for you? Either way, everything you have done as a legislator, should now be examined under a Forensic Legal Microscope to determine what your true rewards were from your past actions. This is a very very serious matter, and you had better take it as a very serious matter. You are about to collide with my ink pen.

God be with you.

Martin L. “Iceman” Wheeler

Your next Governor

Election: November 3, 2020

Birth Date: November 3, 1958

P.S. I am one big “Republican” and my ink is Lethal.

P.S.S. All persons running for public offices in the State of Washington should be tested mentally, physically, and with a polygraph and palismagraph, as policemen and firemen are tested. Martin L. “Iceman” Wheeler was tested not too long ago, when he took on organized crime family and won.

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