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…………confirms with the Sammamish-Issaquah Patch Newsletter announcement of April 13, 2020, Governor Jay Inslee, Democrat, would be releasing over 600 plus felony prisoners from the Monroe Prison in Washington State.

Many of the prisoners released are convicted and sentenced felons through the Washington State Court System. Who have repeatedly failed the mental health reviews behind closed doors, while still incarcerated at Monroe Prison. This is a political agenda, which effects us all! Inslee was lobbied by several groups and ordered by the courts to release these prisoners.

Instead of blindly obeying, there should have been some litigational push back in the courts. Inslee should have taken the Court Order back to court with Attorney General Rob Ferguson, Democrat, whose job it is to represent the citizens of the State of Washington and their safety. Ferguson has chosen mostly to represent everyone but the citizens who voted him into office. Remember these two (2) men have licenses with the Washington State Department of Professional Licensing and licenses with the Washington State Bar Association. The law licenses of both Mr. Inslee and Mr. Ferguson need to be revoked NOW!! Ring the Washington State Bar Association phone off the hook!

Mark my words. This move sets up serious safety situations on the streets in the surrounding communities of Washington State with the release of these felon criminals from Monroe Prison from the Washington State Penitentiary System prematurely.


Inslee is also looking at other prisons to release other prisoners, he will not have to tell the citizens about. His goal is to balance the state budget by cutting the most expensive item in the budget. By doing so, we all lose! He again “is robbing Peter to pay Paul.”

These are prisoners who have felonies on their records. Someone will be injured or worse killed. This is the worst case scenario of decisions by Inslee, of his poor administrative leadership, that is already established in the State of Washington.

Lock your doors ladies and gentlemen, and guard your children! Iceman is very familiar with those in that prison. One of the prison guards is currently residing at his campaign office, and Iceman hopes she will be his next Prison Superintendent for the State of Washington. She would not recommend this same decision to Iceman, when he is Governor of the State of Washington. A penitentiary is not a place for a quick release of individuals. It is truly a lion’s den and you are about to see why, as these individuals are not properly released.

The next level of unsecured streets has just been condoned by Jay Inslee. He owns all crimes and deaths caused by this action. IE. Do not forget Forzza Coffee Shop Law Enforcement Massacre. This was also an early release! This incident occurred in Iceman’s fire zone and as a professional firefighter. He knows the case well.

In the event that a citizen’s life is lost, due to the poor judgement of Mr. Inslee, the citizens will have the right to sue the State of Washington for any damages, which will further deplete the state budget. This falls on Inslee’s watch as governor. Is he doing this for his attorney buddies? Maybe the first releases should be dropped off in Bainbridge Island. The wild wolves have already been dropped off there.

“God be with you, if any children are murdered by any of these prisoners that are released under your court order,”

Martin L. “Iceman” Wheeler

Your next Governor of the State of Washington

Election: November 3, 2020

Birth Date: November 3, 1958

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