The Issues

Trash Management

This State is beautiful. We must keep it clean. One of the ways this is being done is through the Adopt-a-Road/Adopt-a-Highway Programs.  We must protect our highways, our byways, our waterways, and our walkways, as they are places of beauty.  Trash has no place on the ground.  Trash management is done with volunteers.  How can you measure the heart of a volunteer?  You cannot.  Open quote ‘it is as far from the east as it is from the west’ close quote.  Next time you see a volunteer—thank them for their service.


The number of people without addresses, homeless people, is a growing problem in the State of Washington. It has been mostly ignored in the process of throwing monetary funds at that which supports the structure, which is supposed to be assisting those without addresses, to heal their mental illness.

These problems must be addressed to help them to begin moving forward in their lives again.  Without healing, this problem will just continue to grow.  There are programs that really work.  One is to get those without addresses to be 'on time' at least twice a week i.e. education. This begins to introduce them slowly back into society. Other programs must be developed.

Department of Revenue

The Inslee administration has been served notice, open quote ‘a vote of no confidence’ close quote. The citizens have communicated their dislike of what is happening fiscally in the State of Washington budget through the initiative process. The voters are forcing the legislators back to the negotiation table. What they have been doing does not work. The massive increase of tax monies into the State of Washington Department of Revenue needs to go to the issues that affect red or yellow, black or white.

Law Enforcement

The breakdown of law enforcement Indicates that, before new laws are issued, the laws already on the books of Washington State need to be enforced. We already have good roads, signs and code enforcement. Red lines, yellow lines, and white lines represent years of negotiation of safety for the police officers, firefighters, public employees, and the citizens for which they work.


You cannot legislate attitude. We must look to solve the problems that are not being addressed which leads to the tragedies that have touched all our lives.  We must return to early childhood education, if we are going to control tragedy.  Martin L. ‘Iceman’ Wheeler was trained, at the age of 12 through early childhood education with Washington State Fish and Wildlife instructors. A weapon needs to be held with respect.  He received an approved, numbered license.  We must return to the word “STOP!”  Guns are not inherently bad, they are tools. The motive with which they are used makes them bad.  The Second Amendment was designed to stop tyranny.  

Department of Transportation

The department of Transportation must open quote ‘come back to the negotiation table’ close quote. What has been happening does not work. They need to learn, it would be better to take 90% than lose 100%.  To continue the gridlock of cars, trucks, buses, semis, motorcycles, and bicycles, can only grow as it stands. Negotiations is the key!



Safety, Safety, Safety
Safety, Safety, Safety
Come back, come back, come back...and negotiate!

I stand against all levies being proposed at this time.  Each taxpayer should look at the taxes being paid at 4489 334th Place NE. Fall City, Washington.  Look into how and why these are being paid legally.
We all need to take accountability, with knowledge and understanding and use it with good intelligence.


Open Quote "I am not asking for your vote, I am asking that you not give up!" Close Quote

-Martin L. 'Iceman' Wheeler

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