About Martin L. "Iceman" Wheeler

Martin L 'Iceman' Wheeler is a lifelong Washingtonian who was born in Tacoma, Washington State, November 3, 1958, graduated from Bethel Senior High School, Tacoma Community College, and is an alumni's of the National Fire Academy in Emmetsburg, Maryland. The rest will remain classified.


  Having been a professional firefighter on staff, and then being invited back into the company that was built by his father and his father's father, being around the corporate structure of the State of Washington, developing chattels, and farmer's markets, there have been thousands of people and children served. Association with King County Health Board, a number of city councils developing farmer's markets; and local, state, and national fire departments; as well as being Chairman of the Board, and Chief Financial Officer of a company as registered with the Secretary of State, has been a lifelong training ground for serving the citizens of the State of Washington in its highest office.  He has recently resigned to run for the governor in the State of Washington.  He is married to Celia A. Wheeler. The father of Martin was a World War II veteran who guarded security of military bases and was a survivor of "The Battle of the Bulge."


  Martin began in the fire service as a volunteer with Pierce County Fire District 17 at the age of 14 with a Washington State Agricultural Driver's License and was paying into the Washington State Pension and Relief Board for Volunteers, was hired by Pierce County Fire District 7 which led to Central Pierce Fire and Rescue, Medic 1. This involved the largest and most successful merger in a governmental agency in the history of the State of Washington. From this he retired.


  The assistance, over 20 years, to King County Health Board developing rules, regulations, policies and procedures, which has led into the other 38 counties of the State of Washington, has been a blessing for everyone. The farmer's markets assisted with Section 8 Housing, nutritional programs around schools, hospitals, senior centers, private businesses and all walks of life. During his tenure as a professional firefighter, thousands of children, young and old, have witnessed his techniques of the delivery of professional safety. Those same standards are applied today to firefighter educational sites. Open quote 'Safety, Safety, Safety' close quote.


  Martin L. 'Iceman' Wheeler, through his years in public service is dedicated to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This dream of giving back and making a difference becomes reality.



  Martin L. 'Iceman' Wheeler will place the needs of the citizens of the State of Washington in front of the few. He has established transparency as a firefighter, as a way of life. This will be carried out in the governorship of the State of Washington.

Never Give Up!

"Leaders are not there to keep things strong, They are there to make things stronger."

Martin L. "Iceman" Wheeler Gubernatorial Candidate

Election: November 3, 2020

Birth Date: November 3, 1958

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